Royal Vegas : New player casino welcome bonus

Casino: Royal Vegas
Type: Promotion
Name: New player casino welcome bonus
For all new players the casino offers a welcome bonus with three deposit, the final bonus could be up to £1200.
To get the bonus you should deposit in the first time maximum of £250 and the casino will add %100 to your account which is another £250.
The second deposit is maximum of £800 but the casino here will give you %25 so you will get £200.
The third deposit could be up to £1500 and the casino will give you %50 of it, so about £750.
If you deposit the maximum of each time you will get £1200 welcome bonus.


  1. It is an attractive offer and not a lot of casinos do things like this . i like it

  2. I like the big offers u may still attached to the casino all the time to get ur bonus

  3. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!

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